About Kathy Kay

After completing a long and fulfilling career as an engineer with the Department of the Navy, Kathy Kay is now focusing one of her lifetime passions:  reading about, creating, and sharing stories of love and connection.  Her family, friends and faith provide her reasons daily for continuing to believe that love is a gift of God, to be embraced, treasured and shared.

About Serial Love – When Happily Ever After … Isn’t

One true love?  Meant to be?  Happily ever after?  Have you met me?

Take this intimate 20-year journey of a young woman with a heart willing and open, fully embracing love as it fills her up, captures her flight, pierces her spirit, draws her under, and forms under her feet once again.

Serial Love: When Happily Ever After… Isn’t,  is a beautiful combination of prose and poetry that complement each other, sharing heartbreak and healing. The reader’s mind is whisked away and their heart becomes simultaneously heavy and free.

About: It’s Just a Heart

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When should you give your heart to someone? Who should you give it to? And what if it doesn’t work out?

Our hearts find love seemingly by chance.  We hold onto love and we leave love on purpose.  Learning to trust your heart can be confusing and scary,  leaving you reluctant to even try.  

This beautifully written and illustrated parable prepares you to navigate the many levels of love, and it reminds you to be thankful for the heart you have, no matter where you’ve carried it … or where it has carried you.